MARCH 2022 TALK: Technical Vulnerability

7.30 pm Tuesday, 15 March, via Zoom
Technical Vulnerability
Dr Lindsay Robertson

50% of the globe’s population lives in urban environments, and this is projected to increase to 75% by 2050. All of those people are highly dependent on technological systems for daily necessities, and the rural
sector has only slightly less dependence and slightly more options. The technology systems that we depend upon have become extremely large, centralised and interconnected – and despite reliability have acquired a very high level of vulnerability.

As well as presenting some examples, this presentation will consider specific categories of high technological vulnerability. The presentation will further consider a theoretical basis for analysis of a technological system’s “exposure”, and compare this with traditional risk analysis approaches.

Lindsay is a Palmerston North-based mechanical engineer by profession. Lindsay embarked on a PhD part-time late in his career, and completed it just before getting his gold card -the topic was technological vulnerability, and this presentation touches on some of my thesis topics as well as some subsequent research.

The link below leads to a Powerpoint of Linsay’s presentation. You will need to download the file. Each slide has a audio fie explaining the content.