Manawatū Lecture 2021- All Welcome – The Religious History of Palmerston North. Emeritus Professor Peter Lineham

Manawatū Lecture 2021- All Welcome
The Religious History of Palmerston North: Ethnic Identities, Buildings, Networks and the Awkwardness of Faith
Emeritus Professor Peter Lineham
7.30 pm Tuesday 18 May 2021, Palmerston North Public Library

A former resident of Palmerston North, Emeritus Professor Peter Lineham is well known as a commentator on religious issues on television and in various other media. His most recent books range from a history of the Auckland City Mission to a biography of Destiny Church’s Brian Tamaki. He also authored a major and more general history of religion in New Zealand, Sunday Best (2017), on how Christianity has shaped New Zealand and how its various denominations were themselves shaped by being in New Zealand. Peter is a lively and insightful speaker, and his talk is likely to be of wide interest.

Professor Lineham’s lecture commemorates the Sesquicentennial of Palmerston North. Using four case studies he will explore ways in which Palmerston North’s religious history contains typically New Zealand examples of ethnic and social institutions, and some features that made Palmerston North exceptional in its religious experimenters. Brethren, Lutherans and Scandinavian Methodists, Theosophists, the United Evangelical Church and the Palmerston North Revival Fellowship and their colourful leaders jostled uncomfortably with Anglicans, Catholics, Presbyterians and Methodists and their uneven search for substantial churches and respectable clergy.