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The Power of Pollen: My life as a Palynologist

Dr Kat Holt, Massey University

RSNZ Manawatu Branch March 2016 meeting

7.30 pm Tuesday, 15 March, Te Manawa – Art Gallery, 326 Main Street, Palmerston North

Pollen, a seemingly simple component of the plant reproductive system, is often underestimated. Yet it is an extremely powerful tool that is harnessed across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including climate change research, honey quality control, allergy studies, forensic science, and more.

Dr Kat Holt is a Senior Lecturer in Geography and a Palynologist at Massey University. She is also consultant palynologist to Veritaxa Ltd, a New Zealand company developing the ‘Classifynder’ system for automated pollen analysis, and winner of the 2013 NZ Engineering Excellence Awards Supreme Award. This talk will highlight the key roles pollen plays in our society, as well as how palynology may be transformed with new technologies like the Classifynder, illustrated using examples from Kat’s research into New Zealand pollen and experience with the Classifynder.

All warmly welcome