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2007 Lectures

Lectures presented during 2007

All visitors are welcome to attend these public lectures. Unless stated otherwise, meetings are held at the Te Manawa (Science Centre and Manawatu Museum, 396 Main Street, Palmerston North) lecture room starting at 7:30pm.

Tuesday, 6 March at 7:30pm – “SEAWEEK 2007: DEEP-OCEAN LIFE “ to be  presented by Peter Batson, Marine consultant & Department of Marine Science, Otago University.

Tuesday, 13 March at 5:30pm  – “LEFT OR RIGHT IN NATURE? – The Origin of Bimolecular Homochirality” to be presented by Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger. Professor of Theoretical Chemistry, Massey University, Albany; Royal Society of Chemistry Tour Speaker 2007.

This is a joint meeting with NZ Institute of Chemistry – Manawatu Section

 Tuesday, 20 March at 7:30pm – “THE THYROID ECONOMY – and New Zealand’s Second Epidemic of Iodine Deficiency Goiter” to be presented by Kevin Smidt. Nuclear Medicine Section, Mid Central Health.

Tuesday, 17 April at 7:30pm – “MUNDANE STORIES IN THE GEOGRAPHY OF SCIENCE: THE MANAWATU PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, 1904-1914” to be presented by Dr Matthew Henry, Geography Programme, Massey University, Turitea.

Tuesday, 15 May at 7:30pm –“POLLEN EVIDENCE FOR EARLY MOVEMENTS OF PEOPLE IN THE PACIFIC, INCLUDING NEW ZEALAND” to be presented by Professor John Flenley, Geography Programme, Massey University, Turitea.

Tuesday,19 June at 7:30pm – The RSNZ Cockayne Lecture: “BIRDS IN PARADISE – THE ROLE OF BIRDS IN SHAPING NEW ZEALAND’S TERRESTRIAL BIODIVERSITY” to be presented by Dr Bill Lee, Landcare Research, Dunedin.

Tuesday, 17 July at 7:30pm – “HAPPY 300TH BIRTHDAY MR FLOWER POWER” to be presented by Professor Judith Kinnear, was privileged to participate in the celebrations of the Tercentenary of the birth of Carl Linnaeus and the Gotland excursion. Her talk will provide an outline of Linnaeus – naturalist, medico, scientist, teacher, traveller and writer – and will illustrate aspects of his travels on the island of Gotland.

Thursday,16August at 7:30pm – Hochstetter Lecture: “ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE: A VIEW FROM DOWNUNDER” to be presented by Professor Paul Williams, School of Geography, Geology and Environmental Science, University of Auckland.

Tuesday, 18 September at 7:30pm – Peter Sarjeant (Director of Exhibitions, Te Manawa) and Nicola Jennings (Team Leader Art at Te Manawa) talk about the da Vinci exhibition. A brief introduction to the life and career of Leonardo da Vinci followed by a“virtual tour” behind the scenes look at Te Manawa’s presentation of the Da Vinci Machines exhibition. To find out more about the exhibition go to DA VINCI ON OUR DOORSTEP: THE DA VINCI MACHINES.

Tuesday, 16 October at 7:30pm – “WHEN IS A PLACEBO EFFECT NOT AN EFFECT? WHAT IS THE RELEVANCE OF THE PLACEBO EFFECT TO COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE?” to be presented by Dr Richard Wigley, Consultant Rheumatologist, Palmerston North. This talk is bound to shed light on the discussion of alternative and complementary medicines.

Tuesday, 27 November at 7:30pm – AGM followed by the 2007 Manawatu Lecture. Prof. Mike Crozier (president Geographic Society; Victoria University) will speak on landslides.