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What Women Want(ed). Why are we commemorating women’s suffrage in New Zealand?

Emeritus Professor Margaret Tennant

RSNZ Manawatu Branch October 2018 meeting

7.30 pm Tuesday, 16 October, Palmerston North Central Library, George Street, Palmerston North

In 1893 New Zealand became the first nation state to give women the vote. With this came a package of aspirations for the arrangement of women’s domestic lives and economic opportunities, as well as a further voice in the political life of the country. For many, the vote was the means to other ends, some of which seemed relatively conservative to a later generation of feminists.

This talk will reflect upon some of these goals and the degree to which they had been achieved 125 years later, as well as looking at women’s suffrage in a broader international context.

Emeritus Professor Margaret Tennant FRSNZ, FNZAH was formerly Professor of History at Massey University. She commenced her postgraduate career with a thesis on the organisations which came into existence after women gained the vote in 1893, and one of her areas of research since then has been the history of the non-profit sector.

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The Pounamu Terrane: a new component in the assembly of Zealandia

Dr Alan Cooper, University of Otago

2018 Hochstetter Lecture and RSNZ Manawatu Branch September 2018 meeting – joint with the Geoscience Society of New Zealand Manawatu Branch

7.30 pm Tuesday, 18 September, Palmerston North Central Library, George Street, Palmerston North

Otago’s Haast Schist is the most deeply buried and metamorphosed rock in New Zealand. It represents part of an old/ancient subduction system along the eastern margin of Gondwana. Dr Alan Cooper’s 2018 Hochstetter Lecture will present aspects of his research on the deposition the sequence that underwent multiple episodes of deformation and metamorphism to produce the extraordinary schist terrane found the South Island today.

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