The Evolution of Amateur Astronomy in New Zealand 1973-2013

7.30 pm Tuesday, 18 June, Te Manawa – Art Gallery, 326 Main Street, Palmerston North

Presenter: Ian Cooper of the Palmerston North Astronomical Society

In this presentation, Ian Cooper will describe how amateur astronomy has developed in the four decades he has been active, through the advent of new technologies to observe and capture the night‟s sky. In this time, Ian has become a specialist in deep-sky observing and was very active in deep-sky astrophotography at a time when hyper sensitising film to enhance the film’s capabilities was as good as it got. Ian often contributed comet observations to the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand‟s Comet and Minor Planet Section, as well as acting as the North Island Coordinator of the Aurora & Solar Section of the RASNZ. Ian has submitted over fifty auroral observations to that section from his home in the lower North Island since 1978.

Ian is currently the President of the Palmerston North Astronomical Society and also holds the office of Vice-President of the Horowhenua Astronomical Society and the Phoenix Astronomical Society (covering much of the lower North Island). Ian is also a co-author of the “Night Sky Observer’s Guide, Vol. III – The Southern Sky” (Willmann-Bell, 2009), and a co-author of “Imaging the Southern Sky” (Springer Verlag 2013) along with Stephen Chadwick of Himatangi Beach. Ian currently fronts an astronomical television show called “Southern Nights” for Tararua Television.

All warmly welcome

Members are reminded to book for the informal dinner before the meeting.