2013 Manawatu Lecture: Are our dunes as simple as they seem?

Are our dunes as simple as they seem? Insights after two decades of investigations

by Dr Jill Rapson, Massey University

7.30 pm Tuesday, April 16th
Te Manawa – Art Gallery, 326 Main Street, Palmerston North

Turning your back on the sea when at the beach opens up a dynamic and stressful environment full of challenges for the plants which live there, many of which live nowhere else. The dunelands are also full of challenges for scientists attempting to understand them, and the Manawatu dunes seem more complicated than most. In this talk, Jill Rapson will review two decades of research and the ideas which have come and gone in terms of explaining the duneland’s dynamics.

The Manawatu Lecture was established by the Royal Society of New Zealand Manawatu Branch as its annual prestigious lecture to recognise aspects of science particularly relevant to the Manawatu. This is the fifteenth Manawatu Lecture.