Earth Observation: Past, Present and Future

Mike Tuohy, Massey University

RSNZ Manawatu Branch 2014 AGM

7.30 pm Tuesday, 18 November, Te Manawa – Art Gallery, 326 Main Street, Palmerston North

 There are thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth, some are now mere space debris, while others are used for communication, science or for more covert purposes. This presentation will provide a glimpse into the many satellites orbiting above us, with a focus on the satellites that are equipped with sensors looking down on the Earth as they orbit. These Earth observation satellites help us to monitor our environment, capturing images and providing data on the Earth’s land, oceans, coasts, and climate.

Mike Tuohy is a Senior Lecturer in Earth Science in Massey University’s Institute of Agriculture and Environment. Mike’s research expertise lies in the field of remote sensing – observing the Earth by means of the many sensors orbiting the planet on satellites. Mike is also a map enthusiast with expertise in Geographic Information Systems and image processing.

 All warmly welcome