A Commercial Perspective on Chemical Analysis for Protection Against Food Safety Risks

Dr Justin Bendall, Fonterra Research & Development Centre

RSNZ Manawatu Branch August 2018 meeting – joint with the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry – Manawatu Branch

7.30 pm Tuesday, 21 August, Palmerston North Central Library, George Street, Palmerston North

Analytical chemistry has made an enormous contribution to public health by improving food safety. During the 19th century, there was widespread adulteration of food that could only be uncovered, and then controlled, by advances in analytical chemistry. Chemical analysis is now capable of detecting contaminants in food down to levels that were inconceivably low only a few short years ago. But this ability to measure contaminants at such trace levels brings with it some new consequences. This talk will discuss some of the great benefits from analytical chemistry to protect against food safety risks, as well as some of the potentially damaging pitfalls that laboratories may not always appreciate.

Justin Bendall is a Principal Research Scientist (Chemistry) at the Fonterra Research & Development Centre.

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